National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Science journal “Academic Papers of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine” was founded in 1998 by Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (VNUL) and Ukrainian Library Association to the 80s anniversary of VNUL.

The journal was included in the List of specialized periodicals of Ukraine in such spheres as “Historical Sciences” (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine order №1021 (29.09.2015) and “Social Communication (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine order №1328 (21.12.2015).

The head of editorial board is  Tetyana  Dobko, D.Sc. (Social Communications), Senior Researcher, Head of the Department of Scientific and Bibliographic Information, Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. The journal is published in Ukrainian, Russian, and English languages.

The journal shows the role of libraries as modern informational and communicational centers for development of science, culture, and social communications. It explores activity of librarian departments that provide information support for societal transformations and for promoting librarian informational and analytical products in information market; as well as social informational communication features as a part of global information space. The articles highlight the problems of national information space security and the part of libraries in the work. The topicality of the journal also includes current problems of optimizing and increasing of library work effectiveness in a world of digital technologies. The innovative methods of information resources usage are studied, along with specifics and new ways for library communication via social media, etc.

Among the authors of the journal are specialists from VNUL, various libraries, information centers, science institutions of Ukraine and other countries, as well as professors, aspirants, students.

The journal targets the wide audience of the library informational sphere, scientists in social communication and informational communication technologies areas.