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Editorial guidelines for professional science journals


  • Editorial board accepts only articles that meet the requirements of the decree of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine from 15.01.2003 №7-05/1 «On increasing requirements for professional journals on the ACoU list» (c.3), namely the articles that meet next requirements:

General setting objectives and its connection with important scientific or applied tasks; analysis of recent research and publications on the question at hand, and on which the author bases their article, highlighting of the previously unsolved parts of the WHOLE question on which the article is based; setting objectives; outlining the primary/principal/central/fundamental material of the research with full explanation of received scientific results; conclusions on the research and prospects of the further research in the given topic.

  • Please include such information as phone number, e-mail address for the editorial board and the editorial office to contact you.
  • The articles should include UDC; author’s full name; information about author (academic degree, position, affiliation); title of the submitted article; short annotation in the language of the article (at least 500 signs) and key words (3-8).
  • Length should be 12-15 pages. We prefer .rtf documents (Microsoft Word 7.0). Font: Times New Roman, 12 - point font size, line spacing - 1,5.
  • Please enclose pictures as separate files; .*tif, .*jpg, .*psd. files.
  • Please enclose charts as MS Word files.
  • If the article contains specific fonts, the font files should be included.
  • Sources should be inserted in square brackets. Bibliography list should be formatting in accordance to State Standards of Ukraine 7.1:2006 “Bibliographic record. Bibliographic structure. General requirements and drafting rules (7.1-2003, IDT).

For international scientometric databases please include References after the Bibliography - The transliterated into Latin alphabet Bibliography. For transliterating Ukrainian language sources you can use the following link: (Standardized Passport Transliteration, KMU 2010), for Russian language sources – (Standardized Transborder Passport). References should be formatted according to APA (American Psychological Association Style). You can find information on APA on Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine:, also on

The author may set up the bibliography automatically in APA formatting on following sites: and

  • At the end of the article in English the author should submit the brief summary. It should contain the following: author’s full name; information about author (academic degree, position, affiliation); title of the submitted article; short annotation in the language of the article (at least 500 signs) and key words (3-8).

The articles that do not meet the requirements are not submitted.

Article publishing are free of charge.

Examples of references (Ukrainian standard)


Алашеева С. А. Система подготовки кадров по библиотечно-информационному делу в ФРГ / С. А. Алашеева. – Москва : Литера, 2009. – 160 c.

Article in a periodical

Кунанець Н. Е. Проблемно-орієнтовані бібліотекарі: досвід минулого та вимоги сучасності / Н. Е. Кунанець, Н. Веретеннікова // Вісн. Харків. держ. акад. культури. – 2013. – Спецвип. 40. – С. 138–146.

Dissertation abstract

Макаренко П. Д. Бібліотека як складова інформаційної інфраструктури системи інтелектуальної власності України : автореф. дис. ... канд. наук із соц. комунікацій : спец. 27.00.03 / Макаренко Павло Дмитрович ; Харк. держ. акад. культури. – Харків, 2016. – 22 с.

Abstracts of papers, proceedings of conferences

Половинчак Ю. Н. Продукция информационно-аналитических центров библиотек / Ю. Н. Половинчак ; Междунар. ассоц. акад. наук, Рос. акад. наук // Книжная культура: Опыт прошлого и проблемы современности: К 280-летию академического книгоиздательства в России : материалы Междунар. науч. конф. (Москва, 18–19 дек. 2008 г.). – Москва : Наука, 2008. – 431 с.

Electronic resources

Бачинська Н. Базові концепції модернізації вищої бібліотечної освіти в Україні [Електронний ресурс] / Н. Бачинська // Вісн. Книжк. палати. – 2015. – № 3. – С. 32–35. – Режим доступу: – Назва з екрана.

Вступ на навчання для здобуття ступеня «Бакалавр» на основі повної загальної середньої освіти у 2017 році [Електронний ресурс] // Держ. ун-т телекомунікацій : офіц. веб-сайт. – Режим доступу: – Назва з екрана. – Дата звернення: 01.02.2017.

Samples of References after the APA (American Psychological Association) standard


Alasheeva, S. A. (2009). Systema podgotovky kadrov po bibliotechno-informatsyonnomu delu v FRG: nauchno-praktіcheskoe posobie [The system of training personnel in the library and information business in Germany: a scientific and practical guide]. Moscow [in Russian].

Article in a periodical

Kunanets, N. E., Veretennikova, N. (2013). Problemno-oriientovani bibliotekari: dosvid mynuloho ta vymohy suchasnosti [The prolem-oriented librarians: the experience of the past and the demands of the modern life]. Visnyk Kharkivskoi derzhavnoi akademii kultury − Bulletin of the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, Special issue 40, pp. 138−146 [in Ukrainian].

Dissertation abstract

Makarenko, P. D. (2016). Biblioteka yak skladova informatsiinoi infrastruktury systemy intelektualnoi vlasnosti Ukrainy [Library as a component of the information infrastructure of intellectual property of Ukraine]. Extended abstract of candidate’s thesis. Kharkiv [іn Ukrainian].

Abstracts of papers, proceedings of conferences

Polovinchak, Yu. N. (2008). Produkciia informacionno-analiticheskih centrov bibliotek [Products of research and information centers of libraries]. Mezhdunarodnaia assotsiatsiia akademii nauk, Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk. Proceedings from Book culture: Experience of the past and problem of contemporaneity: To the 280year of academic publishing house in Russia’08: Mezhdunarodnaia nauchnaia konferentsiia (Moskva, 18–19 dekabria 2008 hoda) – International scientific conference. Moscow: Nauka [in Russian].

Electronic resources

Bachynska, N. (2015). Bazovi kontseptsii modernizatsii vyshchoi bibliotechnoi osvity v Ukraini [Basic concepts of modernizing viscous bibliotech osvity in Ukraine]. Visnyk Knyzhkovoi palaty − Bulletin Book Chamber, no. 3, pp. 32–35 [in Ukrainian].

Vstup na navchannia dlya zdobuttia stupenia «Bakalavr» na osnovi povnoi zahalnoi serednoi osvity u 2017 rotsi [Admission to study for a degree «Bachelor» on the basis of complete secondary education in 2017]. Retrieved from [in Ukrainian].