All the submitted papers undergo the reviewing process, except for the reviews themselves and the informational papers. The peer reviewing objective is the unbiased selection of papers for publishing, and offering recommendations on fixing factional or other mistakes, if they are present, and fixing writing style, etc. Peer reviewing is focused on giving the most precise evaluation of the papers’ content, evaluation of their suitability to the journal requirements and providing well-rounded analysis of the novelty and topicality of the papers’ materials. Only those papers that shed light on modern and retrospective problems of modern information technologies, social communication, and library science in a context of digitalization development, providing of digital sovereignty, political processes in a context of globalization development, information security are published. The necessary requirement for accepting papers for publication is following the submission guidelines of the science journal “Academic Papers of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine”.

Editorial board of science journal “Academic Papers of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine” reserves the rights of the internal peer reviewing of the submitted for publication papers. External peer reviewing is conducted by independent reviewers, the specialists in the field of the papers’ topicality. Internal and external reviews are submitted in writing and in accordance with the guidelines on reviewing. Internal and external reviews are nominal. The reviewers analyze the theoretical and methodological levels of submitted papers, the practical value and scientific novelty. In addition, the reviewers evaluate the papers’ conformity with the ethics of scientific publications and give recommendations on elimination of infringements.

Papers or publications of documents are accepted to the journal after receiving positive internal and external reviews. With authors’ and reviewers’ agreement (or on request) the reviews may be published with the papers.